About Think Hemp Alberta

Our story ...​​

We first purchased Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil gelcaps in early 2018 to see if they would help our dog’s arthritic hips. Within a few weeks there was a definite difference! Within a few months, our 15-year-old lab mix went from having a hard time negotiating stairs and getting in/out of vehicles to playing with her young dog cousin and jumping into vehicles again! The swelling in her hips went down, and you can still visibly see the difference the gelcaps make on a daily basis, a year later!  We gave her two/day (one in the morning and one at night), but recently added an additional gelcap in the morning.  As a bonus - we've realized that anxiety issues - which often caused her to scratch her ears constantly - have also reduced dramatically!

After seeing the benefits Mikka received, I (Cheryl) decided maybe I could also benefit from taking the gelcaps, and started taking two/day (morning & night). I’ve eliminated my dependence on anti-inflammatories for back pain almost entirely and as an added bonus - haven’t had a cold or flu bug since I started taking them!  The Good for Nothing Balm is also great for my arthritic toe joint, and I rarely have problems with it anymore.  

This Christmas we started our 15-year-old cat on a low dosage of Medi-Paws as we’ve had challenges with her peeing all over the house when she’s stressed from routine changes. Amazingly, she was totally calm and didn’t pee anywhere but the litter box over Christmas - or since!

And now Jim has joined us - he also finds the balm great for arthritic joints, and is now also taking the gelcaps daily to assist with his arthritis pain and overall health!

These success stories are not uncommon ... we’ve heard the same - and even more amazing - stories from many others.

We strongly believe in the benefits of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, and we'd love help make life better for you and your pets too!

And as we grow, we're finding other hemp-based products to share with you!

​Cheryl & Jim McArthur