Nutrition Supplements for Pets

From Stephen Health Agency Inc. (Nova Scotia)

     Stephen Health Agency Inc.'s unique products are derived from Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil.  For thousands of years, cannabis has been used to assist people to maintain good health.
     Until the 1920s, marijuana/cannabis was freely available.  Stephen Health Agency Inc.'s Med Marijuana division is legally allowed to process and distribute low THC content products to the general public.  High THC cannabis is only available through licenced providers/retailers, and is regulated by the Cannabis Act.
     In addition to being a supplement that provides almost everything your body needs, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil ​has the bonus of no side effects, no overdosing and no contra-indicators with medications.
     All products are non GMO/pesticide free, gluten free, and best of all - 100% Canadian!  Products also have Veterinary Product Numbers (VPNs), which means they have been assessed by the Government of Canada and determined to be safe, effective and of high quality.

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Medi-Paws Plus
For your fur babies
​355 mL

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For your critters
Large treats:  227 g - $15/pkg
Small treats:  80 g - $8/pkg

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 No need to waste your hard-earned money on other supplements - Medi-Paws is truly a one stop shop for your fur baby's health!

In addition to being a great source of essential vitamins and minerals, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil contains more EFAs (essential fatty acids) than flax seed oil, and is free of potential toxic contaminants found in fish oil supplements.

DOSAGE/DIRECTIONS:  For dogs and cats up to
9 kg - up to 5 mL per day alone or mixed with food.  Daily intake can increase in direct proportion to body weight.
Make your critter fitter!

Medi-Munchies contain Omega cluster sterols and sterolins, GLAs, Vitamin E, pumpkin seeds, and a whole lot of deliciousness your dog is bound to love!