What's the Scoop on Hemp
and Cannabis?

What's the difference between Cannabis, Marijuana and Hemp?
There is so much information out there - much of it providing conflicting information - that it's not easy to understand this plant!  Basically, Cannabis, Marijuana and Hemp are the same plant.  However, various strains can be grown for different uses.

Cannabis (Marijuana is slang) currently refer to the plant as it falls under the Cannabis Act.  It typically contains both THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).  THC is what produces the high/intoxication.  CBD is being studied for its possible therapeutic uses.

Industrial Hemp refers to specific strains/varieties of Cannabis that have <0.3% THC in the flowers and leaves; there is no limit on the amount of CBD it contains.  It is regulated under the Industrial Hemp Regulations, which are part of the Cannabis Act.

What's the difference between Cannabis Oil, CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?
  • Cannabis Oil is made from a plant extract that contains THC and/or CBD.  
  • CBD Oil is a Cannabis Oil that typically contains a high level of CBD, with varying levels of THC.  Cannabis and CBD Oil can only be marketed by a licenced provider.
  • Hemp Seed Oil is made from cold pressing the hemp seeds only, and contains very little THC (Stephen Health products have 1.34 ppm or ug/g) and negligible amounts of CBD.  It is exempt from the Cannabis Act if no THC or CBD is added (which it isn't in our products).  Hemp Seed Oil is marketed in food, cosmetics, and natural and veterinary health products.


Interested in more information about hemp?  Check back later ... we're hoping to provide more here!